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Owners / GCs / Subs / Suppliers / Lessors – Check Your Contracts. Court of Appeals Decision Highlights Challenges when Dispute Resolution Process Varies

Imagine having to litigate half of a construction dispute in court and the other half in arbitration. The Indiana Court of Appeals recently analyzed that conundrum in Haddad v. Properplates, Inc., No. 21A-PL-2560, 2022 WL 2977362 (Ind. Ct. App. July 28, 2022). In that case, property owners entered…

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APRA Records Requests: What must be disclosed? What can be withheld? Are there time limits for the government’s response and document production? (Podcast)

What are your obligations when a citizen or corporation seeks governmental records?  Senior Associate Christopher W. Bloomer discusses some of the many nuances governing the ever-increasing number of records requests made upon cities, towns, boards, commissions, and other governmental bodies. 

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Indiana's "Little Miller Act" Alleviates Concern that Public Works Projects Remain Immune to Mechanic's Liens

Public Works Remain Immune to Mechanic’s Liens: 

In 1999, Indiana’s mechanic’s lien law was substantially re-written to include, among other key changes, a prohibition on certain no-lien contracts. A no-lien contract is a construction contract in which the parties agree that the project will not be…

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