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January 12, 2023

By: Thomas N. Hutchinson and Shelley M. Jackson

A scam which circulated in early 2021 has resurfaced recently. Scammers are calling physician practices and posing as DEA agents. It appears the scammers are targeting smaller practices, and calling and introducing themselves as DEA agents who are investigating a complaint. Once they get the physician or office administrator on the phone, they attempt to collect information such as Social Security Numbers, DEA numbers, dates of birth, and National Provider Identification numbers. The callers are often aggressive and refuse to leave a message and threaten arrest, prosecution, imprisonment, and revocation of DEA registrations. The DEA has previously warned about this scam, but these scammers are convincing.

Please note that the DEA will never contact members of the public or medical practitioners by telephone to demand money or any other form of payment. They will also never request personal or sensitive information over the phone, and will only notify people of legitimate investigation or legal action in person or by official letter.

If you receive such a call, the FBI encourages making a report at or call us and we can assist you in doing so.

Disclaimer. The contents of this article should not be construed as legal advice or a legal opinion on any specific facts or circumstances. The contents are intended for general informational purposes only, and you are urged to consult with counsel concerning your situation and specific legal questions you may have.