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Owners / GCs / Subs / Suppliers / Lessors – Check Your Contracts. Court of Appeals Decision Highlights Challenges when Dispute Resolution Process Varies

Imagine having to litigate half of a construction dispute in court and the other half in arbitration. The Indiana Court of Appeals recently analyzed that conundrum in Haddad v. Properplates, Inc., No. 21A-PL-2560, 2022 WL 2977362 (Ind. Ct. App. July 28, 2022). In that case, property owners entered…

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APRA Records Requests: What must be disclosed? What can be withheld? Are there time limits for the government’s response and document production?

What are your obligations when a citizen or corporation seeks governmental records?  Senior Associate Christopher W. Bloomer discusses some of the many nuances governing the ever-increasing number of records requests made upon cities, towns, boards, commissions, and other governmental bodies. 


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Supreme Court Decision in City of Austin V. Reagan National and Its Impact on Cases Challenging Municipal Sign Ordinances

Krieg DeVault Attorney, Matthew C. Branic, discusses how there is much more that goes into signage for your business based off of the recent Supreme Court Decision in City of Austin v. Reagan National.





This Krieg DeVault LLP publication should not be construed as legal advice or legal opinion on…

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