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May 10, 2022

By: Amy M. Levander and Amy E. Schwarz

1. Primary Election - Congressional Races

In the 1st Congressional District, incumbent Freshman Democratic Congressman Frank Mrvan, Jr. beat a primary challenge and will now face Jennifer-Ruth Green in the general election.  Green defeated former LaPorte Mayor Blair Milo and four other challengers in the Republican primary, garnering 47% of the vote.  Congressman Andre Carson prevailed in the 7th District Democratic primary with 94% of the vote, while Angela Grabovsky won the Republican primary with 54% of the vote against four other candidates.  In the 9th District, which is an open seat upon the retirement of current Congressman Trey Hollingsworth, former State Senator Erin Houchin defeated former Congressman Mike Sodrel and four other candidates, earning 37% of the vote in the crowded Republican field.  She will face Democrat Matthew Fyfe in the fall.

2. Primary Election - House Republican Races

In last Tuesday’s primary election, House Republicans faced an unprecedented 35 races. Many challenges came from the ultraconservative wing of the Republican party led by Representatives John Jacob and Curt Nisly and their newly formed “Liberty Defense PAC” which sponsored 23 candidates, all Republicans. All but one Republican incumbent staved off these challenges—Lorissa Sweet defeated Representative Dan Leonard, who served Huntington County and the surrounding area for 20 years. Both Representative Nisly and Representative Jacob were defeated by House Republican Campaign Committee-backed challengers, as Representative Craig Snow beat Representative Curt Nisly and Julie McGuire beat Representative John Jacob with large margins. Incumbent Representative Bruce Borders went on to defeat Representative Jeff Ellington, who moved into House District 45 out of frustration caused by last year’s redistricting process, and Representative John Young of Greenwood was defeated by Robb Greene of Shelbyville. On the north side of Indianapolis, a race between Liberty PAC Candidate Fred Glynn and former Trump Administration executive Suzie Jaworowski is still too close to call with only a single digit separating the two candidates’ votes. 

3. Primary Election - Senate Republican Races

In open Senate District 14, physician Tyler Johnson defeated Ron Turpin and Denny Worman, earning 53% of the vote in a race to replace long-serving Senator Dennis Kruse.  In Senate District 23, a new district in western Indiana, Spencer Deery prevailed in a closely contested four-way Republican primary.  Incumbent Republican Senator Mike Gaskill defeated challenger Evan McMullen by a 56% to 44% margin in Senate District 25. In the only Senate race featuring two incumbents, Senator Gary Byrne defeated Senator Kevin Boehnlein in the Senate District 47 Republican primary by a 54% to 46% margin.  Senator Byrne was caucused into his current legislative seat upon the February retirement of former Senator Erin Houchin and Senator Boehlein had been caucused in in January upon the retirement of Senator Ron Grooms last fall.  Senator Byrne and Senator Boehnlein were drawn into the same new Senate district by the new legislative maps adopted last year.  

4. Primary Election - House and Senate Democrat Races

In newly-draw Senate District 46, located in Marion County, Indianapolis Public Schools principal Andrea Hunley scored an unexpected win in the Democrat primary, garnering 44% of the vote in a five-way race. In Senate District 1, incumbent Senator Michael Griffin defeated his primary challenger, Martin Del Rio, and is set to face Republican candidate, Lake County Councilman Dan Dernulc this fall. Incumbent Senator Rodney Pol, Jr. triumphed over 3 primary challengers for the Democratic nomination in Senate District 4 and will face Republican challenger and former Porter County Councilman, Republican Jeff Larson of Chesterton, in the general election.  In the newly drawn House District 82, Kyle Miller beat out 2 primary challengers with 49% of the vote. Miller will be running against Republican candidate Davyd Jones in the upcoming general election.

5. Technical Corrections Day – May 24

Lawmakers are scheduled to convene on May 24 for the annual technical corrections day. Republicans in the House and Senate have previously announced that they plan to use this day to override Holcomb’s veto of HEA 1041, which bans transgender girls from participating in K-12 sports. Additionally, the Legislative Council will meet in the morning to determine which topics will be assigned to various interim study committees in the lead up to the 2023 budget session.


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