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Estate Planning & Personal Services

Avoid Leaving an Inheritance to Someone You've Never Met

Over their lifetimes, and at death, parents make gifts to children under the assumption that those gifts will be the property of that child for life, no matter what.  Those gifts are intended to benefit the child and no one else.  Unfortunately, the laws in Indiana on the division of marital property…

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Transferring Florida Real Estate - Tread with Caution

Hurricane Ian focused our thoughts on Florida over the last week.  Many of us have family, friends and clients in Florida, living full-time, “snow birding,” or just visiting.  As we think about those individuals we are reminded of the various homes, condominiums and other real estate interests they…

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Indiana’s New Advanced Health Care Directive

On July 1, 2021, Indiana significantly broadened the options for an individual to make health care wishes known through an “Advanced Directive for Health Care Decisions” (an “Advanced Directive”). Senate Enrolled Act No. 204 (“SEA 204”), effective as of July 1, allows individuals to make their…

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