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Answering Your Questions

Q. Why choose Krieg DeVault?
A. At Krieg DeVault, our attorneys and staff operate in a collegial atmosphere, working together to accomplish one goal: delivering exceptional client service.  We value respect, cooperation and teamwork, excellence in client service, uncompromising ethical and professional behavior, and a genuine commitment to the communities that have contributed so much to our firm’s success.   Further, although we work hard, we strongly believe in and support a work-personal life balance, flexibility, and the pursuit of personal interests and community involvement.

Q. How do I apply?
A. Most of our hiring is done on law school campuses. Please send us your resume, cover letter, a copy of your transcript, and we will reach out for an on campus or in office interview if we have the right position for you request an on campus or in-office interview.

Q. What is the interview process?
A. Initial interviews generally take place on campus at law schools. However, you can request an in-office interview if we are not visiting your school or if you are not able to participate at school, you can send us your resume, cover letter, and transcript for review. Our Recruiting Coordinator will reach out to you if we feel you could be a good fit for our role. The candidates we are most interested in will be invited for a second interview in our Indianapolis or Carmel office. There, candidates will meet with six to eight of the firm’s partners and associates and learn more about the Firm, its culture, and our Summer Associate Program.

Q. What are you looking for in prospective hires?
A. We seek well-rounded individuals with a record of academic achievement, demonstrated leadership and excellent interpersonal skills, community service, drive, and commitment. We want our team to be diverse, able to bring different backgrounds, varied experiences, and a variety of perspectives to the Firm and our clients. We seek lawyers who show initiative and who are creative problem solvers.

Q. How are projects assigned during the summer?
A. We have found that most Summer Associates want to get a feel for the firm and a variety of practice areas. Instead of restricting our Summer Associates to certain practice areas, we structure our program to enable you to meet and work with as many of our attorneys and experience as many of our practice areas as possible. Instead of through a formal rotation process, Summer Associates receive projects directly from attorneys in a variety of areas throughout the summer. Our Summer Associate coordinators and mentors meet with the summer associates regularly to make sure that they are adjusting well, achieving these goals and getting the most out of the program.

Q. What resources are available to summer associates?
A. Summer Associates have substantially the same administrative support as the Firm’s attorneys. You’ll have an office, full access to our computer network, and the help of an administrative assistant. You will also find an extensive collection of research materials and an extremely knowledgeable and qualified staff in our law library. You’ll also have a mentor to rely on for guidance and to answer questions and extensive contact with lawyers at all levels as well as training sessions to hone skills.

Q. What type of work is given to summer associates?
A. We want to give you a realistic view of what it's like to practice law at Krieg DeVault, so you will receive work similar to that given to first- or second-year associate attorneys. The work will be interesting, varied and challenging. Projects include drafting documents, preparing memoranda, researching important issues, and attending client meetings, closings, depositions, hearings and trials.

Q. How does the evaluation process work?
A. Summer Associates receive regular, constructive feedback from our attorneys, including those assigning projects and from the Summer Associate coordinators. You will also receive a mid-summer evaluation and a final evaluation at the end of the summer. The final evaluation is based upon written comments provided by each attorney who has worked or interacted with you during the summer.

Q. How much contact will I have with partners?
A. All Summer Associates work with partners so they engage daily with them. Krieg DeVault has an “open-door" policy that encourages frequent interaction among all attorneys, whether they are partners or associates. This policy applies to our Summer Associates too. There are also many social events during the summer at which you’ll have opportunities to interact with our attorneys.

Q. Will I be able to work on pro bono matters as a summer associate?
A. Yes, our Summer Associates frequently assist our attorneys with ongoing pro bono projects.

Q. Who oversees the summer program?
A. The firm’s recruiting committee oversees the entire Summer Associate Program, and our Summer Associate coordinators oversee day-to-day activities. You will have an associate attorney as a mentor, and he or she will an excellent source of information and very involved in all aspects of your experience.

Q. Does the firm have a dress code?
A. Yes, our dress code is professional business casual Monday through Thursday with casual Fridays.

Q. Do you allow split summers?
A. We discourage split summers because we feel that our summer program provides the right amount of time for you to get to know us and for us to get to know you. However, we will consider requests for split summers under special circumstances.

Q. What can I expect to gain from my experience?
A. You will develop skills and get a realistic view of the Firm, our people, our clients and the work we do. You’ll have the opportunity to showcase your talents and demonstrate your skills. Our Summer Associate Program is the primary source for new associate hires, so here’s your chance to shine.