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Labor and Employment

Indiana Blue Pencil Doctrine is More of a Blue Pen Doctrine as it Permits Courts to Strike through but not Erase Unenforceable Provisions in Restrictive Covenants

Indiana employers striving for strong but enforceable competitive restraints on their employees have new guidance from the Indiana Supreme Court’s decision in: Heraeus Med., LLC v. Zimmer, Inc., No. 19S-PL-471, 2019 WL 6485087 (Ind. Dec. 3, 2019)

Kolbe initially worked as a regional group director…

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Illinois Expands Equal Pay Act Provisions and Prohibits Employers from Asking Applicants' Wage and Salary History

Illinois enacted its Equal Pay Act in 2003 (the “Act”) to prohibit employers from engaging in discriminatory payment practices based on an employee’s sex or race. Amendments recently took effect on September 29, 2019, that (1) expand the scope of the equal pay provisions and (2) prohibit employers…

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