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Health Care

If A CMS Surveyor Knocks, Will You Be There To Answer?

In order to maintain enrollment in Medicare, suppliers and providers must comply with Medicare program mandates, including the “enrollment requirements” detailed in Medicare’s conditions for payment regulations.[1] The enrollment requirements obligate a provider to submit – and keep current – a…

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Recent Indiana Supreme Court Medical Malpractice Ruling

The Indiana Supreme Court recently held in Charles McKeen, M.D. v. Billy Turner  that a plaintiff’s theory of negligence at trial need not be identical to the plaintiff’s theory in his or her submission to the Medical Review Panel (“Panel”), so long as evidence relating to the theories of…

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HIPAA Business Associates ... How Do I Know Thee?

HIPAA, as amended by HITECH, imposes significant requirements on those persons or entities who qualify as a business associate (BA) as a result of their access to protected health information (PHI) in the performance of services on behalf of a covered entity (CE). 

For example, a BA could be a third…

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