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Our school law services are utilized by public school corporations, private schools, and charter schools as each meets the educational needs and other challenges of their students, staff, and constituents. Our attorneys bring a depth of legal knowledge as well as practical experience in a broad range of areas, including state and federal education laws, school governance, and school finance.

In the student life and discipline arena, our attorneys assist with issues including settlement and tuition, the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), free speech, student transfer and eligibility rules as well as suspension, expulsion, and due process hearings. We also represent education-based professional associations whose members seek advice on a wide variety of legal issues facing schools and students today. We have provided counsel on a successful school referendum to increase funding from property taxes and on obtaining reimbursement from Medicaid/CHIP funding sources.

We assist our clients in terms of administration and faculty interaction with students as well as student interactions, including compliance with Title IX.  We have advised school leadership on matters related to regulatory compliance, internal investigations, policy development and disciplinary procedures.

Focus Areas