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Technology-driven innovation, including the implementation and use of artificial intelligence, or AI, is evolving at a record pace. This rapid evolution, as well as growing interest in how to capitalize on AI-generated innovation and efficiency, creates a multitude of compliance and risk management issues for organizations across a breadth of industries. As our lawmakers, regulatory authorities, courts, and communities navigate AI’s evolving capabilities, businesses must consider how AI impacts business operations, transactions, compliance obligations, and risk management. 

Our attorneys stand ready to partner with you in addressing the many opportunities and risks that accompany AI. We counsel clients looking to develop AI or expand AI technologies into the services they provide. We serve industries and business sectors including health care, financial services, government, municipalities, industrial, consumer goods, aerospace, education, and real estate. Our collaborative approach allows us to provide cohesive guidance for navigating common AI issues in employment and recruiting matters, transactional matters, insurance coverage, intellectual property rights, data privacy and cybersecurity, AI policies, ethics, antitrust, and risk management.

In addition to maintaining compliance with existing and ever-changing legal and regulatory frameworks, we can help businesses and organizations explore self-regulation to manage risk while standing at the forefront of what AI has to offer. Adopting a proactive approach to AI compliance and risk management can ease compliance burdens and help avoid enforcement actions and litigation. If you or your organization have questions surrounding the impact and future implications of AI, please contact any member of our AI client service team.