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June 23, 2022

On June 22nd, 2022, Krieg DeVault Partner Matt Neumann moderated the panel, "Flexible Renewable Project Financing Structures," at the Renewable Finance and Investment North America, 2022, hosted by Reuters Events Renewables. During the panel, the speakers discussed:

  • How renewable energy project financing structures are evolving and how bonds and hedging are changing the game
  • Debt financing and how to successfully adopt this model enabling you to reduce return payments and maximize returns on a project
  • The role of equity investors and how they can maximize equity returns and move liabilities off the balance sheet


Speakers Included:

Iris Korovesi, Director of Sustainable Finance, Lightsource BP
Ali Mirza, Vice President of Structured Finance and M&A, TotalEnergies Renewables USA
Guillermo Ortiz, Business Director, Structured Finance Americas, Intesa San Paolo