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September 19, 2016

Please be advised the online UCC searching and UCC filing capabilities on the Indiana Secretary of State’s (SOS) website have not been fully functional since September 8, 2016, and such services have been completely unavailable since September 12, 2016.  Traditional paper searches and filing services through the UCC Division of the SOS Office are also not currently fully operational.   Paper filings submitted to the UCC Division  of the SOS will be provided a date/time stamp and when the system is back in operation, the database should reflect the date and time it was received by the SOS.  There is no confirmed timetable for when these services will be available again, but provisionally the goal is to have the issue corrected by the end of this week.  Please be aware this outage could impact perfection and possibly filing priority until the system is fully functioning.  We recommend any UCC filings made on or after September 8, 2016 should be set aside and verified once the SOS system is back in operation.