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With a team of more than 20 attorneys experienced in education and school law, including current and former teachers, education professionals, adjunct professors, school board members and university trustees, we can address the complexity of issues that arise in the post-secondary, secondary, and primary education sectors.

Many of our attorneys have served or currently serve on the boards of various educational institutions and on public school boards, which allows us to apply first-hand knowledge and experience to designing solutions to the challenges confronting many public and private academic institutions.

Our clients will be found across the spectrum of the education industry and related industries, including colleges and universities, K through 12 institutions, on-line nonprofit and for-profit alternatives, charter schools, community colleges, fraternities and sororities, industry associations, academic research organizations and financing sources.  
Our services also extend to matters involving athletic departments and a diverse range of sports organizations. We have worked with educational institutions, governing bodies, sports organizations, and U.S. Olympic national governing bodies.