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Meritas. Law Firms Worldwide.

No matter what their legal needs, we can ensure that our clients are well represented in jurisdictions around the world thanks to Krieg DeVault’s invitation-only affiliation with Meritas. One of the world’s largest and most respected legal resources, Meritas is an integrated, non-profit alliance of more than 170 independent commercial law firms located in over 80 countries. That means nearly 7,000 experienced lawyers are available to our clients worldwide.

Unsurpassed Advantages

As a Meritas member, Krieg DeVault can offer our clients a wealth of advantages not available through even the largest multinational law firms. Meritas member firms, including our own, must meet rigorous service standards and undergo regular recertification to ensure that all client inquiries are answered within 24 hours, to demonstrate compliance with the highest ethical and client satisfaction benchmarks, and to provide alternative dispute resolution options. Member firms are linked by common technology platforms to facilitate cross-border teams, and comprehensive databases provide information on lawyer capabilities and firm client evaluations.

International Perspective

Meritas members invest in improving services and resources rather than opening costly branch offices. All Meritas firms offer the full complement of litigation and corporate services necessary to handle business matters in any industry. Since Meritas firms are well established in their local markets, our clients have the advantage of a legal partner who knows the nuances of local legal procedures and business customs. When combined with the international perspective of our firm’s own lawyers (who handle multinational matters ranging from dispute resolution to energy and financing transactions), Krieg DeVault’s participation in Meritas gives our clients the global resources they need, coupled with the value and service they want.