Fraternities and Sororities


Krieg DeVault’s fraternities and sororities team has extensive experience in the many aspects of daily fraternity and sorority needs, including the areas of employment, litigation, governance, real estate and housing, philanthropic, non-profit, and risk management issues.  

Many of our attorneys have worked with fraternities and sororities as both legal counsel and through board service.  These experiences give us the ability to understand the legal challenges fraternities and sororities face, and also understand the practical aspects of implementing solutions.

A sampling of our experience with fraternities and sororities includes:

  • Crisis Management Facilitation and Administration
  • Anti-Hazing Initiatives and Legislation
  • Risk Management Policies and Administration
  • Applications for Property Tax Exemptions
  • Leases, Contracts, Public Accommodations Issues, and other Operating Requirements
  • Documenting Loans for Banks that lend to Fraternities and Sororities