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Krieg DeVault offers one of the most sophisticated groups devoted to health care in the country, including providing veterinary and animal health law services.  Our clients include veterinarians, veterinary technicians, veterinary and animal health pharmacies, animal owners, pet stores, animal-related businesses, and farmers. 

The attorneys in Krieg DeVault’s Veterinary and Animal Health Law practice are uniquely qualified to work with you on a multitude of services including buying and selling a veterinary practice, veterinary start-ups, practice management, contract drafting and employment agreements, human resources guidance, professional licensing and regulatory compliance, animal-pharmacy related issues, intellectual property, equipment leases, real estate, livestock and land contracts, and litigation. We don’t just advise our clients on veterinary and animal law; we use our industry knowledge to help them pursue opportunities and minimize risk.

We have deep expertise and understanding of the complex regulatory structures that govern the veterinary and animal health industry. Whether you’re navigating professional licensing and certification issues or seeking to utilize controlled substances in caring for your animal patients, our attorneys can assist you in understanding and fulfilling your compliance obligations.

We also understand the complexities of opening your own veterinary practice, selling your practice, and all phases involved in making a healthy and mutually beneficial practice transition. We also assist clients in determining the value of a practice, which provides a complete picture in deciding whether to purchase, sell, or transition. Additionally, our attorneys work with veterinary clients in identifying market growth opportunities of an existing practice. We are experienced in creating purchase agreements, confidentiality agreements, and non-compete agreements–guiding you through the entire process, while making the closing process seamless.

The most critical component of any business is its people. Our attorneys can assist you in developing efficient and cost-effective measures to achieve compliance with employment-related obligations, while also developing a thriving and happy workforce. If exploring the advantages of forming an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) for your practice is of interest, we have a team of attorneys ready to help answer your questions and guide you every step of the way.

We can assist you in protecting your business assets through corporate formation and maintenance activities, intellectual property protection, strategic contracting and business negotiations, real property and zoning activities, as well as careful succession planning to ensure your business continues to thrive when the next generation takes the lead. We offer a wide range of commercial leasing services to maximize exposure and your bottom line. We help clients navigate veterinary leasing initiatives such as permitted or exclusive use, build-outs, and lease term and provision options. 

Litigation is sometimes a necessary part of maintaining and growing a veterinary business. Should litigation come into focus, we are prepared to assist you in navigating every stage of the litigation process through pre-litigation negotiations through appeal. 

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