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LM Safety Solutions is a unique combination of legal and medical professionals with the sole focus of improving the safety of your organization.  With a special focus on the challenges presented by COVID-19 and additional highly infectious diseases that can impact your organization and employees, our infectious disease physicians work closely with our lawyers to design proactive plans and reactive responses to urgent concerns.  

We work with you to design custom solutions tailored to your unique business, employee, customer or student base. As part of that solution, we draw upon a combined knowledge of medical research and state, federal and local safety requirements, including the rapidly evolving COVID-19 regulations and requirements.  This results in health and safety plans that incorporate best practices from a medical standpoint and comply with the evolving regulations in the fields of health care, employment law and occupational health and safety. 

When you engage us, our risk management and healthcare experts collaborate with you to create a purpose-built solution that meets your safety challenges.