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Amy J. Adolay and Tiaundra M. Foster covering Legal Guidance on Developing a Drug Free Workplace as a part of Indiana Workforce Recovery

February 8, 2019

Krieg DeVault partner Amy J. Adolay is a part of the new Wellness Council of Indiana initiative Indiana Workforce Recovery.

Indiana Workforce Recovery is hosting Employer Opioid Strategy sessions around the State of Indiana to provide employers with knowledge and resources to protect their businesses and assist their employees.

Adolay will be joined by fellow Krieg DeVault attorney Tiaundra M. Foster at the events in Greenwood and Bloomington.

Adolay and Foster are presenting on the topic of Legal Guidance on Drug-Free Workplaces. More information on the dates they are presenting can be found by following the links below.

Lafayette - March 21st

Greenwood - April 3rd

Bloomington - April 4th


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