Positioning IWVA for Success


To best position the IWVA for success, we need to fully engage and utilize the local connections that exist between Indiana wineries and state legislators.  Based on information found on the Indiana Wine Grape Council website, 49 of the 100 House members have at least one winery in their district, while 36 of the 50 Senators represent at least one winery. 


Of particular note, the following House members are either part of leadership or represent a substantial number of wineries:

  • Speaker Brian Bosma (R- Indianapolis) - 1 winery
  • Minority Leader Scott Pelath (D- Michigan City) - 4 wineries
  • Ways and Means Chairman Tim Brown (R- Crawfordsville) - 1 winery
  • Rep. Lloyd Arnold (R- Huntingburg) - 7 wineries
  • Rep. Randy Frye (R- Greensburg) - 7 wineries
  • Rep. Rhonda Rhoads (R- Corydon) - 5 wineries
  • Rep. Don Lehe (R- Brookston) - 4 wineries


The following Senators are either part of leadership or represent a substantial number of wineries:

  • Senate Majority Floor Leader and Tax and Fiscal Policy Chairman Brandt Hershman (R- Buck Creek) - 3 wineries
  • Senate Appropriations Chair Luke Kenley (R- Noblesville) - 1 winery
  • Senator Erin Houchin (R- Salem) - 10 wineries
  • Senator Chip Perfect (R- Lawrenceburg) - 6 wineries
  • Senator Jim Smith (R- Charlestown) - 6 wineries
  • Senator Randy Head (R- Logansport) - 5 wineries
  • Senator Mark Messmer (R- Jasper) - 5 wineries
  • Senator Jeff Raatz (R- Centerville) - 5 wineries
  • Senator Brent Steele (R- Bedford) - 5 wineries


Finally, five current House Public Policy members and five current Senate Public Policy members represent at least one winery.  Our priority would be to educate these legislators on IWVA initiatives and to engage them directly when issues arise that impact IWVA members.