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With over 150 attorneys and professionals, Krieg DeVault provides our more than 2,000 clients with a high level of legal representation and responsiveness. Since its founding in 1870, the firm’s goal is to offer clear, practical advice based on the knowledge of each client’s unique circumstances and needs. Approachable and accessible, our lawyers present client solutions. The firm’s ratio of 89 partners to 31 associates allows our attorneys to provide excellent legal service economically and expeditiously.

The firm’s practice encompasses the fields of corporate and securities law, employee benefits and executive compensation, employment law, financial institutions law, health care law, environmental law, intellectual property, technology and economic commerce, civil litigation, real estate law, international business law, public finance, municipal law, creditors’ rights and bankruptcy, energy and alternative energy, government relations, tax, insurance law, and estate planning and administration.

Our firm consciously attempts to represent all clients in the most efficient and effective manner possible without sacrificing the quality of the legal services we provide or our results oriented approach. We always endeavor to utilize the firm’s personnel resources commensurate with each professional’s level of skill and expertise. Associates are utilized extensively for research and drafting. Clerical functions are performed by administrative assistants for whom there is no charge. The firm staffs matters depending on the complexity and size of the matter and the goals of the client. We discuss the budget with our clients up front and monitor accordingly to keep our clients up-to-date on the status of projects and budget considerations. If it becomes apparent that the budget will exceeded, we meet with the client to discuss the reasons for the expected “over-run” and jointly determine with the client the most desirable course of action.

The firm has a three person Executive Committee and one member of this committee serves as the firm’s Managing Partner (CEO). The firm has several operational committees such as the Marketing Committee, Technology Committee, Search Committee and Recruiting Committee, all of which report to the Executive Committee. In addition, the Executive Committee is assisted by the Firm’s Executive Director, a non-lawyer professional who participates in the strategic development and operation of the Firm. The Firm’s Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Information Technology Officer, Chief Human Resources Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Information Services Director (Librarian) all report directly to the Executive Director.