A proactive understanding of the legal challenges that individuals and sports entities face today allows our team to implement a multi-tiered approach to handle our clients’ legal needs within the sports industry.  Our team is well versed in many aspects of sports law including corporate and business initiatives, contract negotiation, labor and employment law, and litigation—enabling our firm to offer a well-rounded menu of services to meet the needs of our clients in the sports sector.  We are particularly known for our representation of sports organizations dealing with sexual abuse and misconduct issues as well as the legal guidance we offer to coaches and leadership at the collegiate level.

Among other things, our internal review of the policies and practices of USA Gymnastics, culminating in a landmark 2017 report (commonly referenced as the “Daniels Report”) recommending improvements beginning with a “complete cultural change” in the organization, has contributed to a strong reputation for partnering with national governing bodies (NGBs), sports organizations, sports teams, and public and private institutions.  Our attorneys take pride in working with organizations to fully understand the complexity of each situation, allowing our team to effectively assess potential areas of concern and outline a strategy to address them.

Our attorneys have significant experience in the areas of marketing, sponsorships, and contract negotiation.  We have represented a number of Division I coaches in negotiating and documenting their arrangements with their employing institutions.  Our attorneys also provide general corporate and risk management advice to the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association.

We also have significant experience in defending lawsuits regarding sports events and sports related issues, such as representing the National Collegiate Athletic Association regarding the nature of the duty of care it owes to student athletes and spectators at collegiate athletic events.  Further, we are known for representing manufacturers of helmets and fitness products in products liability and negligence lawsuits.

Title IX investigations and compliance procedures are currently at the forefront for every college and university.  Institutions face increased pressure to understand the ever-changing landscape of compliance guidelines, operations, and litigation issues.  Through our work with university athletic departments and Offices of General Counsel, our firm is well qualified to lead higher education institutions through the Title IX compliance process including in-depth review and analysis of current processes, training, and reporting.  We understand that implementing the proper compliance strategy is critical to successfully preventing potential violations, as well as providing an institution the comfort of knowing that if a problem arises, officials will be  fully prepared to resolve it appropriately.   

Our sports industry clients count on our attorneys to lead them in the following areas:

  • Sexual Abuse and Misconduct Compliance Audits and Training
  • Organizational Documents and Internal Policy Reviews
  • Internal Investigations
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Sponsorship, Marketing and Publicity Matters
  • Title IX Compliance Audits, Policy Programs, and Training
  • Litigation

Daniels Report to USA Gymnastics

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