On-Site Employee Health Clinics


Krieg DeVault’s On-Site Employee Health Clinics team is uniquely qualified to provide results-oriented solutions to the rising costs and regulatory challenges of health benefit programs facing employers as well as health care providers. Its members have an exceptional combination of background skills and experiences in health care, occupational health, and employee benefits to help answer the many questions your company or organization may face in regard to both legal and business issues involving the provision of health care services and occupational health services to employees. This understanding stems from representing a broad variety of organizations involved in this industry, including employers with on-site clinics and occupational health programs, on-site health care providers, occupational health providers, pharmaceutical dispensing companies, wellness providers, and health IT companies, as well as having attorneys who have served as in-house benefits counsel to Fortune 500 entities.   

Health Care Services:

  • On-Site, Near-Site, and Shared Employer Health Clinics
  • Health Care Compliance and Regulatory Affairs
  • HIPAA, HITECH, and Health IT
  • Telehealth and Telemedicine
  • Occupational Health Issues
  • Worker's Compensation Issues
  • Employee Health and Occupational Records
  • Pharmaceutical and In-Office Dispensing Compliance
  • Medicare and Medicaid Compliance
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Travel Medicine and Immunization Issues
  • Real Estate and Financing Considerations

Employee Benefits Services:

  • Health, Wellness, and Cafeteria Plan Design and Compliance
  • On-Site Health Clinic - Benefit Plan Considerations
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing Considerations
  • Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements (MEWA) Design and Compliance
  • ERISA, Internal Revenue Code, and ACA Compliance
  • HIPAA, HITECH, GINA, and COBRA Compliance
  • Mergers and Acquisitions - Benefit Plan Considerations

Top Ten Legal Issues:

  • Does eligibility for an on-site employee health clinic make employees and/or their dependents ineligible to contribute to a health savings account?
  • Will the employer manage their own on-site employee health clinic or utilize an on-site clinic provider?
  • Does the on-site employee health clinic require state or federal licensure and, if so, who is responsible for obtaining such licensure?
  • What is the best staffing model for an on-site employee health clinic? Will the clinic utilize physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, medical assistants, physical therapist, etc.?
  • Will the on-site employee health clinic offer multiple service lines, such as occupational health, internal medicine, pediatrics, physical therapy, mental health services, obesity management, telehealth services, etc.?
  • Will the on-site employee health clinic offer on-site pharmaceutical dispensing or an on-site pharmacy?
  • Are on-site employee health clinics subject to ERISA and HIPAA?
  • Does COBRA coverage need to be extended to employees and/or their dependents for on-site clinics similar to health plans?
  • What, if any, Affordable Care Act requirements apply to on-site employee health clinics?
  • Can employees use their health savings accounts (HSAs) and/or health flexible spending accounts (health FSAs) to pay for on-site employee health clinic expenses?


Employee Health and Wellness Top Ten Legal Issues

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