Health Care


With one of the most sophisticated groups devoted to health care in the country, Krieg DeVault serves a full range of health care providers and provider organizations. Our lawyers have an absolute understanding of providers’ businesses and regulatory needs – often from their own experience as hospital administrators and directors, industry association leaders, government advisors, and health care practitioners – and have been instrumental in the development of public policies that benefit the health care sector. We ensure that hospitals, senior living facilities, physician groups, and similar organizations follow best practices for governance, operations, and compliance. Few law firms surpass our ability to resolve the regulatory and transactional issues involved with business combinations and market expansion, from risk assessment to staff relations to governmental approval.  We don’t just advise our clients on health care law; we use our industry knowledge to help them avoid problems, pursue opportunities, and better serve their patients.


  • Compliance and Finance
    • Medicaid RAC audit counseling, defense, and appeals
    • Medicare PRRB representation and appeals
    • Medicare/Medicaid and third-party payment billing, and coding issues
    • Medicaid DSH (Disproportionate Share Hospital) counseling and legislation
    • Behavioral health finance and management
    • Medicare geographic reclassification counseling
    • Licensure, certification, and accreditation
  • Fraud and Abuse
    • Stark Act compliance
    • Anti-Kickback compliance
    • False claims and billing matters
  • Finance
    • Medicaid DSH counseling and legislation
    • Medicare geographic reclassification counseling
    • Billing and payment compliance
    • Behavioral health finance and management
  • Business
    • Facilities financing, sales, and leasing
    • General corporate counseling
    • Physician practice formation
    • Provider network formation
    • Physician-hospital affiliation strategies, sales, and acquisitions
    • Unwinding physician practice management and employment arrangements
    • Hospital formation, licensing, and state and federal compliance issues
    • Mergers and acquisitions
    • Joint venture services
    • Intellectual property issues
    • Management of health records
    • Managed care contracting
    • Disaster planning and recovery
    • Senior living and tax-credit financed supportive housing
    • Federal and state government relations
  • Antitrust
    • Physician clinic integration
  • Tax
    • Executive compensation
    • Retirement benefit planning
    • Tax-exempt status counseling
    • Public finance
  • Technology
    • Intellectual property issues
    • Management of health care records (HIPAA)
    • EMR issues, Health IT management, and liability issues
    • Telemedicine and technology issues among providers with consumers
  • Health plans and payor agreements
    • Payor relations, audits, and appeals
    • Provider network formation
    • Billing, coding, and coverage issues
  • Dispute resolution
    • Litigation, arbitration, and mediation
    • Qui Tam defense services
    • Medical malpractice defense
    • Peer review hearings and staff privilege issues (representing hospitals, medical executive committees, and hearing panels)
    • Behavioral health forensic services
    • Professional licensing and credentialing
  • Pharmacy and pharmaceuticals
  • Benefits
    • Executive compensation
    • Retirement benefit planning
    • Welfare plans

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