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Amy M. Levander
Executive Director Governmental Affairs
P: (317) 238-6250

Governmental Affairs and Public Advocacy

Major health care organizations, financial institutions, utilities, manufacturers, and many more national and international companies and organizations look to Krieg DeVault as their advocate in federal, state, and local government policy-making. Our government affairs professionals have leadership experience at the federal and state levels of government, and several have held important statewide political campaign positions. Just as we understand how government works at the highest executive and legislative levels, our access to decision-makers enhances our ability to achieve business solutions for our clients, either through convincing arguments that change administrative policy, or effective advocacy for their views. We also are effective advocates for our clients in the proceedings of state agencies, boards and commissions, and local government bodies, and work to secure legislative and regulatory remedies at the federal level.


  • Congressional Relations
    • Federal appropriations
    • Legislative strategy and advocacy
    • Liaison with Indiana Congressional Delegation
  • Federal Agency and Regulatory Affairs
    • Federal rules and regulatory matters
    • Representation before cabinet departments and federal agencies
  • Indiana General Assembly
    • Bill monitoring
    • Legislative strategy and advocacy
    • State budget appropriations
  • State Executive Branch Lobbying
    • Liaison with Governor's Office and other elected state officials
    • Representation before all state agencies
    • Regulatory and rule-making matters
    • Representation on bid protests (both private and public)
  • Local Government Relations
    • Municipal law
    • Public finance
    • Economic development assistance
    • Annexation
    • Assistance with Federal and State Funding
    • Liaison with local government officials
  • Public Procurement and Government Contracting
    • Requests for Proposal (RFPs)
    • Strategic advice on public procurement
    • Liaison with public agencies
  • Issues Management and Political Strategy
    • Public policy analysis
    • Research and data analysis
    • Issue "white papers"
    • Communication with opinion leaders
    • Political strategy
  • Economic Development
    • State economic development incentives
    • Local economic development incentives
    • New Markets Tax Credit program
    • Public-private partnerships
    • Tax increment financing (TIF)
    • Economic improvement districts (EIDs)


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