Leading individuals and organizations in the rapidly growing business of gaming depend on Krieg DeVault professionals for advice on the complex laws and regulations that govern their operations. Our seasoned lawyers have the insight and sophistication to handle the issues of prime concern to the Indiana gaming industry, including licensing applications and transfers, litigation, facility development, and compliance and disciplinary matters. For years we have worked closely with the Indiana Gaming Commission and the Indiana Horse Racing Commission to represent our clients’ interests. Because we understand the business needs and marketing requirements of our gaming clients, we effectively advocate for their interests in all aspects of the regulatory administrative process.  By interacting with decision-makers in gaming regulation to understanding how rules are developed and applied, we work to ensure effective interaction between gaming business dynamics and legal compliance.


  • Licensing
    • Riverboat Owners' Licenses
    • Personal Disclosure Forms
    • Owners' License Renewal and Transfer
    • Occupational Licensing
    • Supplier Licensing
    • Junket Operations
    • Operating Agent Agreements
    • Gambling Games at Racetracks
  • Disciplinary Matters
  • Litigation
  • Development
    • Financing
    • Local Development Agreements
    • Land Acquisitions
    • Expansions
  • Compliance
    • Minority and Women's Enterprises
    • Exclusion and Eviction
    • Public Safety
    • Conduct of Gaming
    • Security and Surveillance
    • Gaming Equipment
    • Accounting Records and Procedures
    • Internal Controls
    • Credit
    • Charity gaming