Shifting Sands Part Two: Emerging Strategies for Managing COVID-19-Related Business Risks


May 29, 2020

Join Krieg DeVault attorneys Scott Morrisson, Shelley Jackson, Matt Neumann and guest speaker, IT consultant Terri Zimmerman of Reveal Risk, as they discuss emerging trends and strategies in four key areas of COVID-19-related enterprise risk management on Tuesday, June 2 at 1:00 p.m. EDT.

Topics Include:

  • People: Identifiy pressing issues in protecting and leveraging your workforce.
  • IT Infrastructure: Discuss risks and opportunities in our highly virtualized business environment.
  • Insurance Coverage: Examine recent developments in the COVID-19 insurance coverage landscape.
  • Third Party Contracts: Explore the viability of force majeure clauses and other contractual provisions in managing COVID-19-related risks.

Who Should Attend:

Stakedholders tasked with risk management oversight and strategy, including owners, directors and officers, in-house counsel, enterprise risk managers, IT professionals, HR professionals, and any other individual who is interested in enterprise risk managments. This presentation is an update to our March 18, 2020 webinar called "Shifting Sands: Enterprise Risk Management Strategies for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19". 

To register, click here: https://fs30.formsite.com/kdlegal/e79izn5lxa/index.html