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Law Students

Our Summer Associate Program is an integral component of the recruiting process at Krieg DeVault.  It is the primary way we hire our first-year associates. If we select you to participate, you’ll receive as much personal attention, training, and guidance as possible and access to all of our attorneys and practice groups.

Realistic View
The Summer Associate Program provides you a realistic view of life as a full-time associate at Krieg DeVault. You will receive an office and full access to the firm computer network, and will have the help of an administrative assistant. You will work on meaningful projects for actual clients of the firm – work that will include drafting documents, preparing memoranda, researching important issues, and attending client meetings, closings, depositions, hearings, and trials.

Assignments and Evaluations
The Summer Associate Program lasts approximately 10 weeks, beginning in mid-May. Since there is no rigid rotation schedule, summer associates receive project assignments directly from attorneys practicing in most of our firm’s practice groups. In addition to regular feedback from individual attorneys as you complete projects, you’ll receive both a mid-summer and end of summer evaluation.

Personal Mentoring
Our firm Recruiting Committee has general oversight of the Summer Associate Program, with day-to-day administration handled by our Summer Associate Coordinators. You’ll be assigned to a Krieg DeVault associate who will serve as your personal mentor. That means help is available whenever you need it.


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